Audio and Video Cables – High End or Low End?

Audio and Video Cables – High End or Low End?



You can spend a lot of money on speaker cables, interconnect cables, hdmi – hdmi/dvi for video, etc.

Questions Asked:

Goal: The Best Value for money spent.

Is it worth spending more on the higher-end cables?

Yes it does benefit the ears and eyes getting high-end cables, providing and I stress providing you have the budget for it. Keeping in mind there is a point where spending a lot more gives not much more as far as any improvements whether it be be audio or video.

In the past I used a Kimber Kable KCAG Silver digital interconnect between the Aragon D2A (digital to analogue converter) and a Pioneer PD-Elite transport. The Kimber Kable KCAG Silver was a woven nude-braided interconnect which was not shielded and easily cost $300 for a half metre in 1998.

The Kimber Kable KCAG Silver was a rare find and well worth the extra cost.

Will a mid-range cable do?

You bet it will be more than adequate 99% of the time.


Good Quality Speaker Cable – Copper – Oxygen Free


And the Listening is Easy

Listening is Easy


Really enjoying the radio lately.

Listening to CFMX 96.3 classical. Program selection has been wonderful especially a piano concerto playing now.

The Totem Model 1 Signatures have a very expansive sound stage and the delineation of the notes of the piano are marvelously reproduced.

The Arcam does FM very well but not near as well as my Magnum Dynalab Etude did.

Those Lazy Crazy Days of Summer are back to which I’m thoroughly enjoying. TV hasn’t been on for days.

Kudos to Classical 96.3 and their library of music. Simply outstanding.


Summer Blues

Summer Blues



Ah Summer in all of its glory!

The Waxing of Yang and Waning of Yin