My Movie Library

My Movie Library

Home Theater Design 3

Home Theater Design 3

Video Library

My Movie Library requires a lot of storage space. Plenty of awesome content and excellent high resolution capabilities.

Networked Storage Space
Synology DS713+

Synology DS713+


Synology DiskStation > > DS713+: DS – 713+

Western Digital Se – 2TB x 2 HDD’S

DS713+ Review:

A Video Library requires some thought re: planning.  And time invested in organizing content specific to your needs.

4 TB x 2 would be ideal. Unfortunately, my budget only allowed for 2 TB x 2 HDD’s.

WD Se  – 2TB:

WD Se – 4TB:

I have used 972.11 GB’s of space for video, audio, etc. This from a total 1829.33 GB’s.

The combination of the DiskStation DS713+ NAS and the WD Se hdd’s are an awesome pairing. No lag whatsoever.

I use the DiskStation DS713+ and it has proven itself as very reliable.

The DS713+ rocks, plain and simple, a no compromise product.

It will do more of what you need than any other comparable product. That is, if there is any competition within its specific market niche.

The Synology DiskStation DS713+ is an amazingly flexible unit. Synology’s own DSM operating system and interface with your Windows PC is magic.

Apple is supported.

Synology DiskStation DS713+ in-depth Overview:

Synology’s own DSM is what makes it special. You have a Package Centre of Apps that provide a lot of amazing functions that I’ll explain in more detail soon.

Synology Video Station

Synology Video Station

Synology Video Station

Using Synology’s Video Station you can stream like I do to any DLNA compliant device.

I stream to the OPPO BDP-103 and allow the OPPO to process the video and up-convert if need be.

OPPO BDP-103 Review –

The OPPO feeds the video signal to a Panasonic 50″ Plasma Viera S60 via HDMI.

You can purchase a super expensive hdmi cable, or, like I do use a well engineered inexpensive hdmi cable such as this :

Panasonic has stopped all production of plasma. Which is a shame. Panasonic purchased Pioneer’s plasma technology and it was apparent in each successive Panasonic New Model year release.

Panasonic 50" PDP Plasma | TC-P50S60

Panasonic 50″ PDP Plasma | TC-P50S60

Samsung is my next choice for plasma. Not sure about Samsung’s plasma timeline.

Samsung 51″ Plasma:

There are other HDTV options out there, but, I don’t believe in spending two thousand times more (slight exaggeration) for a 10% improvement.

It’s obvious plasma is my favoured technology for HDTV. The future of plasma at present is dim (no pun intended) going forward.

It will be interesting to witness first hand the emergence of another format that offers the overall experience that plasma did.

Is Plasma Perfect?

No, due to its dependence on proper lighting, or, in this case indirect lighting being needed.